SSL for CNAME Domain On Remote Server

I have a hosted application on a server that allows users to set up a personalised domain name. By adding a CNAME in their DNS configuration which will enable them to have their own custom domain name show instead of the main domain the application is hosted on, sort of a white label option.

When the CNAME is created and pointed to the server that the application is hosted on, it works but is not secure SSL.

My question is, how can I have the CNAME domain name which is hosted on a different server get a green lock SSL when connecting to the application server?

The scenario is 2 X Plesk Servers using Let’s Encrypt Certificates.

Any help will be great!

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Hi @VordenX

create certificates, that’s a normal situation. -> CNAME -> your server -> your ip address.

So you can use http validation to validate the domain name.

May be that doesn’t work with the Plesk integrated solution.

But that’s a special problem.

It’s not relevant if

  • domain name -> your ip address (or)
  • domain name -> CNAME your domain -> your ip address
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Hi Juergen,

I am not very educated in the DNS setting, would the below setting work?

Host Record Type Value


Host Record Type Value

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