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My domain is:

We received an email saying that the ssl certificate is set to expire for a domain that isn’t on our list within siteground. Any idea what’s going on with that. We just want to make sure we aren’t missing something obvious.



Do you own that domain?

If not, you could simply ignore that… There might be some user that does not want let’s encrypt to record their email address type in others email.

Thank you


we do own the domain. we used to have a website with that URL, but now it’s used for webforwarding to


would we need to renew the SSL if it’s only used for webforwarding?


Webforwarding is a step on the HTTP or HTML level after the TLS connection is made if there are HTTPS links to that URL. So yes, I would recommend renewing the cert even for just web forwarding.


ok. going back to my original point though. The email says that is expiring, but I don’t have an entry for that on my list in my siteground account.


Hi @hostmaster_ge

you have a redirect list: -> ->

and a second ->

But checking - there is a timeout (20 seconds). Same with

So there is no https - configuration. So you don’t use the certificate found there:;include_subdomains:false;

If this is only a http redirect, your provider of may not configure a https-version.

So you can ignore the mail.

If you are running a dedicated own server, then you may be able to configure that. But the ip addresses are different:



Looks like you had an older configuration with this certificate. But now you have changed your configuration -> so your old provider doesn’t support a https - redirect. So ignore the mail.


sounds good.

thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I appreciate the help.

Have a great day!


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