Presently i am using letsencrypt ssl certificates for my domain names on apache web server. morning also my website works very well on https by using lets’s encrypt cert but suddenly our site is not work on https
3.its shows an error SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG
my server operating system is ubuntu 16.04.1

hi @MahendraReddy

posting the same problem multiple times will probably not get you help faster and may confuse people

try to avoid doing this



This error is caused by speaking HTTP on port 443 instead of HTTPS. You need to check that your web server is configured to use the HTTPS protocol on port 443.

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Thank you for replay
Still i am my problem is not resolved
When i am trying check the quality of certificates it shows an error
Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported
at this link

you seemed to have fixed this now ?

Hi @MahendraReddy,

This also indicates that your site does not offer HTTPS at all, which is most likely a problem with the configuration of your web server, not with the certificate. How did you get and install the certificate? Is there any other software that has the ability to change your web server configuration?

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