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Hi, I have a problem with the certificate, my page it’s work fine and the https it’s works correctly, but when I share a post with facebook the preview is wrong, the developers facebook tools say “Error de cURL: 60 (SSL_CACERT)”

I use apache 2.4.10



Your domain is correctly configured.
But is not:


Correction: your domain has some problem too that need to be fixed:

This server’s certificate chain is incomplete


Thanks for answer.
But i don’t know the solution.
I have a simple apache server with virtualhost and i generate certifications with letsencrypt auto.


Apache needs to be configured to use fullchain.pem, not cert.pem.


You should see the cert.pem file(s) used with this search:
grep -Eri 'sslcert|virtualhost|servername|serveralias /etc/apache2`

You simply need to change all instances of

[leave all else the same]

Then restart (or reload) apache web server.

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