SSL Certificate - The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers

I am using website to generate an SSL certificate for my website

I successfully downloaded and installed a certificate from the website as per their documentation. And I am able to access securely on my devices.

My Hosting Account’s SSL tab which also indicates that certificate installed successfully as below:

Now my problem is:
When I check my SSL certificate using different platforms, they are showing me this error that my certificate is not trusted on all browsers!

SSL Hopper reference:

SSL Labs reference:

I tried to troubleshoot the issue using this article provided by but found no luck. I even try to re-install certificate, private-key, ca-bundle file but still getting the same error.

So, I search for a further tool that can help me to solve the issue on this website. They are providing me the chain which I should use as ca-bundle, I tried that too!

I tried every solution I found around but none of them is able to solve my problem.

Anyone here if helps me with this issue it would be much-appreciated pals.

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Hi @kaushik.gujjar

please ask Zerossl if you have problems with their certificate.

That’s not a Letsencrypt relevant question.


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