SSL certificate expiry on 2018-02-14

Hello there,

My domain

And I have received a notification a couple of days ago saying that "
The SSL certificate for “” has not been renewed. You must take action to secure this site."

Can you please let me know how can I renew my current SLL certificate?


How did you issue this certificate initially? If you used Certbot, it’s usually as simple as executing certbot renew. However, with the recent security vulnerability that lead to the deprecation of tls-sni-01 challenges, this may or may not work for you. Either way, let us know how you initially issued this certificate and we can provide more specific information on how to renew it.

I’m in a similar situation.
I did use certbot, and I am now trying to renew with certbot renew, but fails at urn:acme:error:rateLimited which I think is misleading (there is anything in the system renewing the certs). More likely related to the tls-sni-01 thing I think. So , how to proceed?

Cerbot version is 0.19 running in ubuntu 16.04 with an Apache

Upgrade to 0.21 ?

I’d create this as your own topic, as that’s a different issue that needs troubleshooting. If you could create a new Help topic with this info, as well as the full command you’re trying to use, output from that command, and a few other questions the form will ask, we’ll work on getting you sorted!

Yep, sorry for hijacking the thread.

Hi Jared,

First of all sorry for the delay! I have no idea how we got this certificate issued initially- that’s part of my main problem.

I don’t know how it was done before and so I don’t even get the option to renew it in my WHM Panel :frowning:
I wish I could only purchase one and get it installed :frowning:

Ok, tell me a bit about your setup. What control panel are you using? What hosting provider? Do you have shell (command line) access to your webserver?

Hi Jared,

Do you have shell (command line) access to your webserver? : Yes

What hosting provider? What control panel are you using? : Cpanel, WHM

Apologies in advance if I am completely ignorant in the subject!

Maybe , if you choose to renew “email ssl” causes problem in some cpanels.

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