SSL cert for Google Cloud Platform with multiple subdomains

This is a query - we are not using Let’s Encrypt yet but would like to.

We run a distributed web application (with multiple sub-domains for each customer - on GCP using their load balancer where we can put a SSL cert. This is great for our current wildcard cert since we can put this cert at the load balancer level and then each of the sub-domains can be covered by the wildcard no matter which web server handles the query.

Since Lets Encrypt doesn’t do wildcards how would we handle this scenario?

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My initial reaction is it comes down to numbers …

If you have less than 100 different subdomains, then they can all go on 1 certificate and shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

If you have more than (from memory ) 300 subdomains, then Let’s Encrypt has potential exemptions from the rate limits which could allow you to obtain multiple certs without hitting the limits.

Between 100 and 300 it’s more difficult (imho) but still possible

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