Split "Issuance and Renwal" into Policy and Technical categories


Continuing the discussion from Internationalized Domain Names:

I think that the Issuance & Renewal category is a bit broad, and should be split into two categories.

One category for technical & client problems with issuance/renewal, the second category for policy decisions: the above topic, and things like “how often do certificates last”, “when should a certificate be renewed”.


I think 5 examples of each type is enough :smile:

Would like suggestions on the names.

@jsha what say you?

About the Issuance Policy category
About the Issuance Tech category

@riking: The split sounds good to me. How about “Issuance policies” and “Issuance: Technical Questions?”


Think I’d leave off the “questions” and just go with Issuance Technical.


Done, I just split the categories.