[Solved] Securing a Plesk Mail Server & Trusting Certificate


I’ve installed a letsencrypt certificate to my Plesk server. It secures both the server and mail server. It auto-renews every 90 days.

First time I used a mail account after installing I had to “trust” the certificate.

Will I have to do this every time the certificate auto-renews - Ie every 3 months?

I hope not as it will cause issues for my clients.


You shouldn’t have to explicitly trust it even once (if you did, it would be no better than a self-signed certificate).

Are you sure that the mail server is sending the intermediate certificate? If the mail client program can’t follow the chain all the way to a trusted root, that could cause this problem.

(However I don’t know how to fix that with Plesk specifically).


I realised what I did. I was using the server SSL to secure the mail server and then the domain for the host. This caused the trust problem. It’s now resolved.


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