[SOLVED] Remove / delete subdomain (alternate name) from certificat

Once in a while subdomain are not longer existant or moved to a different server.

The solution to remove such domain and allow certificat rewal is as follow:

Either you have created your certificat with --allow-subset-of-names or you need to edit the renewal config file (eg: /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/example.com.conf) and ensure a key allow_subset_of_names = True in the [renewalparams] section.

Renew the certificat (it should succeed with an alert regarding the missing subdomain).

Once done, you can remove the subdomain line from the renewal config file.

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A more officially recommended way to do this is to rerun your certificate request with certonly and with --cert-name specifying which certificate to act upon, as well as a -d list of all of the domains that you do want to be in the certificate. The benefit of this relative to --allow-subset-of-names is that it will fail with a useful warning if any of the other names in the certificate couldn’t be renewed. If you use --allow-subset-of-names, the renewal could potentially succeed with the loss of unexpected or unintended names from the certificate in addition to the specific name that you intended to remove.


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