[SOLVED] Moved to a new server

Domain: cloudzeeland.nl
Web server: Apache 2.24
I can login to a root shell on my machine

I recently moved to a new server and replicated most of the setting.
In my periodic weekly I start checking certificate status on a weekly basis.
Unfortunately I get this when running the check:

Checking Let’s Encrypt certificate status:
su: unknown login: _letsencrypt
Deploying Let’s Encrypt certificates:
Skipped, deploy script not set or not executable.

Might it be that I am missing acme or something like that?
BR, Jos

Hi @joombler

looks like you had created (old server) a special login to execute some commands. The new server has no such an account -> try to remove or recreate this account.

I see… Thanks, will do and report back.
BR, Jos

Just solved the issue by running the Letsencrypt certificate status from cron instead of by script:

xx xx * * x xxxxxxxxx dehydrated -c

I am not quite sure why the faulty ‘_letsencrypt’ user was denied in script mode, but the issue is solved now. Thanks for your suggestions.

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