[Solved] How to setup certs for a redirected domain

Hi there!

Currently I have a Duckdns domain setup with let’s encrypt
However I want to use my own domain.
So I have placed a cname in my dns settings for my own domain to something.duckdns.org
Now entering own domain.com redirects me to something.duckdns.org
From there my web server handles the rest and redirects to https on something.duckdns.org

Using proxy set header host it keeps my own domain in the web URL.
However the cert stops working.

Using the following command to get certs fails
Let’s encrypt–auto --debug certyonly --standalone -d something.duckdns.org -d own domain.org

Where am I going wrong?

Well nevermind im an idiot, forgot to turn off webserver first XD

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