Sites not displaying in Chrome but work in Safari

First up, thanks to the Lets Encrypt team for an awesome service. You all rock!

I’m serving up two sites from the same Digital Ocean LEMP 16.04 host, both running Ghost. One of them,, works just fine in all browsers. The other one,, works great in Safari but gets this error message in Chrome:

I did some Googling but didn’t really come up with anything. The only difference is that the high gravity site isn’t using the snippets but my personal site is using them. I set up the personal site first with Let’s Encrypt and never tested in Chrome (should have, I know) and then set up the high gravity site.

Any suggestions on how I would go about troubleshooting this would be fantastic. Completely at a loss.

Could you share your nginx configuration?

Firefox provides a more useful error message (SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET) for your site. I think you might be running into this issue:

You are amazing @pfg! That was exactly the problem. I would never have found that. I cannot say thank you enough for that.

Just a side-note… for some reason, FF wouldn’t even load the page nor would it give any error whatsoever. It was very strange. I finally launched a blank tab and it would give a blank page. Using the default search tab, it would just refresh the search page and not say anything about the page not loading. Was very strange.

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