Siteground won't allow punycode ssl, saying it's not supported

Siteground won’t let me install Let’s Encrypt certificate on a punycode URL. Their support told me that Let’s encrypt won’t let that happen, but I have about 20 Domains on other servers with punycode Let’s Encrypt SSL.
Did they just not upgrade their certbot since 2016? What else can I do besides leaving siteground?

Let's Encrypt used to not support IDNs, but that changed in late 2016.

Their support staff may just be giving you information based on their initial implementation, at a time when IDNs were indeed not supported.

If you can take it upon yourself to remind them of this maybe they can get the ball rolling on fixing it. Otherwise I'm not sure you can do anything about it.

Also this thread:

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Yes, I think it’s probably a bug in their internal systems, or old client software that they never updated after the IDN support changed on the LE side.

I did follow the other user’s suggestion and add a warning about this to the list of hosting providers that support Let’s Encrypt. Assuming that it’s not intentional on Siteground’s part, I imagine that they’ll fix it at some point.

yes, I talked to tech support there at siteground and they said it’s due to them using
centos 6.7 and that they do not know when they will upgrade tp the latest

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