Site is not safe (Chrome mobile)


Hello everyone,

nearly every day I’ll get the notice that my site is not safe - on all other browsers the site will be marked as safe :open_mouth:

Android 5.1.1
Build: 10.7.A.0.228
Google Chrome 55.0

URL: (I’ve just shorten it) :wink:

Hoster: Host Europe
SSL certificate: self-integraded (no support from HE)
Web-Server: Apache
MySQL: 5.6.34-79.1-log / PHP 7.0


The control panel of HE is self-programmed, but I can manage the SSL certificates by my own.

Best regards,


Your certificate chain is incomplete.

I’d suggest using to set up a good config.


Hi serverco,

thx for the fast reply :slight_smile:
my hoster doesn’t provide “good” support for external certificates and the question is: how and where should I put this into it :frowning:

Best regards,

P.s.: I’ve generated the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate via


how do you install your certificate ? is this through a control panel ? or can you access the apache config directly ?

What version of apache are you running ?


This is the interface where I integrate my downloaded certification-files:

Apache-Version: 2.2 or 2.4 (can’t see any information while accessing the phpinfo.php file)


Looking at that image, you need to include the “optional” CA cert.


Well, I’ll do this :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t be a problem when I’m generating a new certificate (my actual certificate is running in on April 23rd.

Best regards,


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