"Signed for" name changed with renewal

Hi everybody,

I had to renew several Domains and saw now, that the “signed for” (in my German Browser it´s “Ausgestellt für”) Names changed.
I issued certs for
dom1.tld, imap.dom1.tld, pop3.dom1.tld, mail.dom1.tld, xxx.dom1.tld
dom2.tld, imap.dom2.tld, pop3.dom2.tld, mail.dom2.tld, xxx.dom2.tld
dom3.tld, imap.dom3.tld, pop3.dom3.tld, mail.dom3.tld, xxx.dom3.tld
and so on.
Before renewal the “signed for” was always domX.tld.
After renewal some Domains have imap.domX.tld, some have pop3.domX.tld, some have mail.domX.tld.
This seems to be only a “cosmetic Problem”, but it´s a Problem for me :slight_smile:

Anyone have an idea how to Fix/Change that?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

that is an annoying problem of the ccheck function which a) lowercases all names b) checks that there are no names in the multiple times.

Hi and thanks for your reply.
Is there anything I can do to “change the names” back to domX.tld instead of imap./pop3./mail./whatever?

sadly not really. as I said it’s bad bug in the LE software (not sure whether server or client) but you wont change that so quickly.

I think this is ultimately because of

You could feel free to comment there; as I said to another person with a similar concern, I don’t think that the CA folks have yet decided whether to accept this as a problem and try to change it or not.