Common name SAN not first domain in list


Previously the common name of a san certificate was the first domain name mentioned in the ini file at domains = …

Since a few days/weeks(?) after adding a domain name and requesting a new certificate a random(?) domain name is shown for the common name. (Seems not alphabetically, but just one from the list… allbeit always the same.)

The directory in /etc/letsencrypt/live/ where the certificates are stored still has the name of the first domain name.

Seems that the client uses the first domain name to handle things… but the server creates a certificate with anothter common name.


This is a known bug in the client with an upcoming fix in the next release. More details in this thread:


Out of curiosity, is there an ETA for the next release (0.6.0) of the official client? According to Github’s milestones it’s already more than a week overdue, but is only 52% complete.

I’m guessing the bugs in 0.5 have proven harder to squash than in previous versions!


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