Signed certificate creation from existed CSR file

I already have CSR file. Can I create signed certificate from that CSR file?

Yes, though to answer "how", you'd need to have answered the questions you were asked when you created this topic. But why? It's ordinarily much simpler to just use the ACME client (certbot,, or whatever) as intended and let them create the CSR for you.


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Thinking further down the road...
[unless you only want a one-time certificate]

How are you planning to automate the certificate renewal?


Using this ACME client one can get a Let's Encrypt signed certificate from an existing CSR. I cannot recommend this solution, but this person is using it How do I to find my Let's Encrypt account ID when using And you will need to repeat the process every time you need to renew the certificate.
There are very likely other ACME clients that behave in a similar fashion.

Here is a list ACME Client Implementations - Let's Encrypt

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