Show LetsEncrypt certificate using Cloudflare

I have a valid certificate and running with Let’sEncrypt, in my domain I use the CloudFlare DNS, but when I have the active cloud the certificate shown is one of comodo.

How can I do so that only the certificate of letsencrypt appears, but keeping the CloudFlare protection as CDN?

Thank you.

CloudFlare’s “protection” is in the form of playing Man in the Middle between your site’s users and the site itself. The users talk to CloudFlare, and then CloudFlare talks to you, allowing their CDN to serve static data on your behalf.

So, the only way you can have your site presented with certificates from Let’s Encrypt as far as the end user is concerned, while having CloudFlare “protection” is for CloudFlare to present the certificate from Let’s Encrypt (thus impersonating you with your permission) when they serve this content to your users, for which they will also need your private key.

CloudFlare offers this option only to paying customers on one of their higher tier products, I believe you need the Business or Enterprise plan but you should check exactly before upgrading.

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