How to Display Let's Encrypt SSL vs. Cloudflare's SSL

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I’m using Cloudflare with Let’s Encrypt set up and I’m only able to display the Let’s Encrypt’s SSL when I disable and don’t route my traffic through the Cloudflare system. With Cloudflare enabled, I get Cloudflare’s free SSL service (COMODO CA certificate) but unfortunately I’m no longer able to use Cloudflare with my cite to hide my origin IP address from undesirable visitors.

I would appreciate it if someone knows how I could sort this problem out as it is bothering me.

Hi @DataRepository

Unfortunately this is a one-or-the-other situation, you can either use Cloudflare or display a Let’s Encrypt certificate to your visitors browser.

If you are using Cloudflare as your CDN then all of the TLS traffic from a visitors browser goes to Cloudflare’s servers and not the server you configured with Let’s Encrypt (typically referred to as the origin server). I’m not familiar with Cloudflare but I do not believe they offer what some CDN’s call “hosted SSL/TLS” where you can provide your own certificate/private key. Typically this is a paid feature. Instead they terminate the TLS traffic using a Comodo issued certificate as you observed.


It is available but only with the Business or Enterprise plans, not Free or Pro.


Thanks for the clarification @cool110

Thank you @cpu and @cool110 for the clarification! I wondered for a while whether I had messed up somehow but it turns out that I unfortunately will be unable to get both Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt to cooperate unless I: 1: Don’t use Cloudflare as a CDN, 2. Upgrade my Cloudflare account to the Business/Enterprise plan.


Looks like CloudFlare users may have some relief soon -
Try if your browser doesn’t scroll to the comment.

However, you will still have to trust CloudFlare with your content in plaintext form.

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