SHA-256 broken?

Saw a page this morning that makes a disconcerting claim:

Treadwell Stanton DuPont today announced its researchers quietly broke the SHA-256 hashing algorithm over a year ago

Conveniently, their “disclosure policy” says they won’t say how they did it, so I guess you either take their word for it or not. Can anyone corroborate or refute this claim? And if it’s true, what would the impact be?

Given that this site has a direct financial interest in making you believe they found a way to shortcut SHA-256 computations, and their article doesn’t appear to make too much sense, I wouldn’t worry.
Unless you paid bitcoin to pre-order their wonderful miner. Then I’d worry. A lot.

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There's some interesting perspectives on the subject at "Soylent News".

TFA is a press release directly from the folks who claim to have broken SHA256.
No evidence is provided and no supporting documentation. To avoid breaking the world, they aren't releasing any details. Trust us, we know best!

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