Setup Lets Encrypt in Tomcat with INTRANET

I am planning to setup lets encrypt HTTPS certificates for my applications which is deployed in tomcat. Also to note that this is my local environment and not exposed to public IP. Now when I am trying to create certificate with lets encrypt (certbot) I am getting error “Detail: DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for <>”. Now can any one help me with the steps to install the same and setup in tomcat for the INTRANET.

Note: As my environment in INTRANET, so, DNS would not be accessible from outside world.

Steps followed to install :

You need to verify ownership of a domain, so it needs to either be accessible on the Internet ( which it won’t be from what you say) or it has DNS that’s accessible from the internet.

Is the top level domain under your control, and a real domain ? if so is there any reason you can’t use the dns challenge ?

If you can’t then you can’t use Let’s Encrypt to obtain your certificates, since you can’t automatically prove ownership / control of the domain.

Thanks for the quick response. Also can you provide me the steps or links to install it in public domain. As in few site it mentioned to generate with certboot command and in few with letsencrypt command.

Please see

certbot is the new name for the letsencrypt client, hence the two “different” commands.

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