Safe to delete old certs from certbot archive?

When new certs are created certbot creates new ones named nnn1, nnn2, etc. Is it safe to delete the old ones from the folder?

Please see How do I remove a certificate - #2 by rg305

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I don't think they are asking how to delete the whole cert

I think they are just asking about the older ones in /archive/ folder once replacements are made. That is, the ones the /live/ symlinks used to point to but no longer do


In the upcoming Certbot 2.x.x release, Certbot will remove old certs by itself.


In normal operations, yes [where you expect never to have need of retrieve information encrypted with any of those expired certs].

Is it easy? Not exactly. [depends on your O/S and typing skills]
But as @Osiris mentioned, this is something they have already thought about and included in the 2.x version [not exactly sure from which one up].


Just checked, it was added to master just recently, so it'll be in the upcoming release, which will be 2.3.0.


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