Safe backups of the cert files

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My question is, Seeing the there is both a Live and Archive folder in the /etc/letsencrypt path, can I count on the files in the Archive folder to be sufficient and safe backup for my files in the event the Live folder be damaged/deleted/whatever?

Or for safety, do I need to copy at least (and maybe only) for the fullchain file to somewhere private in a directory of my own?

If the later, I'm having a problem, using sudo, gaining access to the files.

The files in /live/ are just symbolic links to the most recent files in the corresponding directory in /archive/. Besides the certificate, you'd also need the private key. The chain isn't that important as it can be downloaded again. To prevent a very big hassle, I'd recommend to also certainly backup the files in /renewal/.

In fact, I'd just back up the entire /etc/letsencrypt/ directory. Even though the files in /csr/ and /keys/ aren't necessary, it's not that much in size to exclude them from a simple command to back up the entire dir.


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