Russian speaker to ask Yandex to support SNI?

We just had this thread

which is actually the same problem as

I was wondering if we had a fluent Russian speaker who would like to write (or translate) a letter to Yandex asking them to add client-side support for SNI in their payments gateway. (Note that this is not about server-side SNI support on Yandex web sites.) I think this request would be better-received if it were sent in Russian rather than English.

@leader - would you be interested?

Sorry for the delay - I had a bit of so-called holidays :slight_smile:

Based on the quoted reply from Yandex support in that “Yandex Kacca and no support for SNI” topic, they are actually working on it and expecting the support to be introduced in the third quarter of 2017. Apparently it’s not set in stone and more of an approximation, but I would say it makes sense to wait until the end of September and see if there is any progress before chasing them up.

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Great, thanks for letting us know about that! Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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