RPM Packages for CentOS/RHEL 7

I have built packages for CentOS 7 based on the Fedora 23 packages. These packages will also likely work on RHEL 7 as well.

Due to a dependency on a newer pyOpenSSL than is provided in EL7, there are some packaging issues with even putting it into EPEL. I’ve gone ahead and built a newer version of pyOpenSSL and a few other minor packages needed.

The packages, both binary and source are at https://packages.animeneko.net/EL/7/

NOTE: You must have EPEL installed, as several Python packages from it are used. Additionally, you’ll need the updated pyOpenSSL and python-psutil packages to satisfy version minimums.

You’re welcome to add my repo file to your servers, but be warned that the repository is mostly for my personal use and some of my packages may overwrite system items. Make sure to use an include or exclude filter.