Rpi4 mail server certificate issue problem

I removed the DNS record AAAA. Godaddy's pretty quick with the updates.
Browser on cell phone w/o wifi times out.
Dont I need a running HTTP server to test http://c9mail.clasystem.com?

The certbot standalone, if left running, is an HTTP webserver. It is just that it is only good for certs (or this test).

It's good you see the timeout. Now you can work on getting the comms to your server working and you have a way to test that.

I'd start with your router and works towards your server.


Thank you! You have been very helpfull Mike. I'll check the secondary network settings in my router.


The router was the issue!
had to set up a new firewall rule for the public IPv4.
Got the cert. Now moving on-
Thanks again for your help with this and pointing me in the right direction.


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