Revoke certificate 04:E9:66:FB:A7:28:C5:EC:D7:93:92:4A:9E:14:83:61:2F:F7

The certificate with serial 04:E9:66:FB:A7:28:C5:EC:D7:93:92:4A:9E:14:83:61:2F:F7 issued by R3 sub CA
needs to be revoked as it is being used to authenticate a phishing site pretending to be Argentina´s Mail ( )

the certificate has multiple CNs for sites used to countermeassure site blocking

Thanks for the report. Our current policy does not allow us to revoke certificates based on the content of websites, including for suspected phishing, malware, fraud, abuse, or otherwise objectionable content.

We recommend reporting such sites to Google Safe Browsing and the Microsoft Smart Screen program, which are able to more effectively protect users. Here are some reporting URLs:

If you’d like to read more about our policies and rationale, you can do so here: