Immediate Attention Required: Selling guns without FFL online using Lets encrypt

The above website is a scam website selling guns online without FFL.
How to contact Let's encrypt to revoke certificate

Let's Encrypt doesn't revoke certificates based on the content of the site, even though there are Bad People on the Internet using them. (Even if they did revoke them, it wouldn't do all that much to stop them.)

You need to report it to Google and Microsoft's Safe Browsing programs (which will do something to stop them), the web site's hosting provider, and maybe law enforcement.

See this recent thread which had a reasonable discussion of what and why:

And Let's Encrypt's describing their policy:

(Is there some organization which is suggesting people report these things here? There seem to be quite a few people trying to report Bad Things here lately and it's not clear to me why they think this is a good place to do so.)