Reusing existing domain certificate and key for websocket server


I have a bitnami instance running apache, for which I've generated a letsencrypt certificate using bncert tool. I would like to run a websocket server implemented with node.js on the same instance, but to create a SSL websocket instance I need to provide it 2 .pem files, one for certificate and 1 for key.

Can I re-use the certificate and key I've already generated for my domain, or do I need to generate a new certificate? If it can be reused, where to I find .pem files? If I need to generate a new one, how do I do it for a domain I've already generated certificate for?

Lots of thanks!

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Hi @MallorLoU, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Yes, the same certificate can be used by many programs.

The same place Apache uses them from.
certbot certificates


Your Apache VirtualHost config shows the path it used for those pem files

Or, visit the bncert docs


Thank you both for awesome and quick replies, I've resolved the issue nobody had an answer for on stackexchange for days :smiley:

For those who might need this in future, on bitnami cert and key are stored in /opt/bitnami/apache/conf/
"domain-name".key and "domain-name".crt files.

Again, lots of thanks!


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