Reteriving certificate

Is there any Api to fetch the certificate/certificate url for the domain linked with the account?

Are you looking to obtain the private key also?
If so, that isn't stored anywhere outside the original requesting system.


private key is not required. Need to get the certificate url for the respective domain.

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You can try using a Certificate Transparency log like

While the ACME specification provides for Subscribers to be able to list and access previous orders for their account, LetsEncrypt/Boulder does not currently support this.


If you keep the Order URI from your last order you can re-fetch the order and use the Certificate URI to fetch the cert until the order expires. Support for this varies by CA as some expire the order immediately. I don't know how long the actual Certificate URI in the Order stays valid for.


If the certificate is actually in use, you can ask openssl: linux - Using openssl to get the certificate from a server - Stack Overflow


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