<Resolved> I set my first letsencrypt cert with this command and now I cannot renew it or revoke it now it has expired <Resolved>

Ok brill - thank you for all your help, i was still waiting for a reply in bitnami forums about this issue - 56 views no replies - but maybe they have a simular issue where they are not that familler with letsenctypt and that may be why - ill remove that post on there now as start a new one about the chron error…

Thank you so much for your help, so is there no point doing the rest of the steps for auto-renewal on step 5 of that tutorial until ive sorted the cron issue?

Also should they not be able to fix it - what would i run either before or after the cert expires in 3 months? is there one command you would reccomend to at least manually renew it?

Thank you so much for all your help as well I thought I was going to have to start a new site all over again and a vm so least i dont have to do that now :slightly_smiling_face:

(Would running the bn-cert tool work again before it expires - or at least just after it expires each time if i have no luck with the cron thing?)

I think the cron issue is the tool trying to set auto-renew, and since you are using the newer version of the script, this should be your one stop shop.

If they are not able to fix it (which I guess they should be, since this is simple enough), you should run that bncert-tool every two months to keep the certificate up to date.

Ok nice :slight_smile: least i have a work around should I need it then :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help with all this - you saved me from a complete re-install!

Also for any further sites i make i assume following the steps in that video tutotrial is a no go - and i should use the bn-cert tool instead for any others?

I mean, i assume bn-certs is a newer version of the scripts you were using (according to Bitnami), you can read the documentation about that in this link: https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/how-to/understand-bncert/

I have fixed the issue with the cron job - as there was already a post about it on their forum

I ran sudo crontab -e -u bitnami and saw there was already entries in it from the past attempts not using the bn-cert tool or even using it…

The solution was running that command opened it in a text editor (nano) and delete all lines so it was blank and then saved it.

I then re-ran the bn-cert tool and it went through with zero issues this time :slight_smile:

And looking in the file again now I have one entry that the successful bn-cert run put in this time to auto-renew.

(The above info is for anyone else who may run into this issue also)

Now that has succeeded - and seems to want to auto-renew it - can i skip the rest of the steps in step 5 of the tutorial? or do they still need to be done?

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That’s it. There’s no more action needed.

Oh perfect - well that makes it easy then :slight_smile:
Thanks again for all your help.

You are a lifesaver! :slight_smile:

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