Reset of DNS rate limit

How can I find out, when the rate limit of my DNS will be resetted? I would like to renew my certificate, but I get the typical error message “Too many cerificates already … bla bla bla”. :frowning:

For your help thank you very much in advance.

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Check out the details on the rate limit time-outs at:

to see which of the limits you triggered and how long it will take to lift. Some are quantity and some are time.


If you are tripping the limit for certificates in a particular domain when doing a renewal, that’s a bug, which Let’s Encrypt has a fix for but they need to go through their whole QA process before it goes live. If your current certificate doesn’t expire soon, you should be OK.

Your renewal should only count against the “FQDN set” limit, which nobody ought to trip with anything close to normal usage, but the bug means it’s counting as if it was an initial certificate request.

Here’s the bug related to this:

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