Reset all certificates

i know it is a strange question… but…
how can i reset all certificates (delete completely all of them) and restart again with new certificates?

Which tool did you use to retrieve your certificates?

both certbot and certbot-auto…
i have domains with http-01 challenge and with TLS-SNI-01 challenge…
with options :
–authenticator webroot
–webroot-path …
–installer apache

If you don’t need any of the certificates and want to start from the beginning, you may just delete the entire directory /etc/letsencrypt. Maybe a certbot engineer can acknowledge that.

Note that you have to keep an eye on any configuration file that references the certificate file(s).

I still need some of the certificates and I do not want to revoke them …
I would just like to install a fresh copy, avoiding installing the certificates that are no longer valid (eg domain no longer managed by me)

Certbot doesn’t have any way of knowing which domains you do or don’t manage. We would normally suggest that, when you stop managing a domain, you re-issue the corresponding certificate using something like certbot --cert-name and a list of all names that should be included with -d (while not mentioning any names that shouldn’t be included anymore).

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