Requesting for CSR file


I am after our CSR File to activate our Wildcat SSL Security Certificate.

Could you kindly provide me with:

  1. Generate our CSR File with key length of 2048 bits for our Domain:
  2. Please do advise on what server software you used to generate the CSR.

Thankyou and awaiting your kind response.

I’m guessing that “Wildcat” in the context is “Wildcard”, which Let’s Encrypt does not support. However, up to 100 domain names can be placed on one LE certificate. As for the CSR, it can be generated here for example -

Thankyou kindly for your response

Hi @Heather,

@leader’s suggestion is great, but one thing that confused me is that it sounds like you have an existing certificate and someone seemed to be asked you about the CSR for that certificate. If so, you might want to investigate how that certificate was created and where the CSR is.

You do have several certificates for this domain, including some that were just created yesterday:

Hi Schoen;
Your message noted and thankyou for the response.

Will keep that in mind and check the certificates.


If you can tell us who is requesting the CSR and for what purpose they want it, we might be able to give you better-informed advice.

Either way, good luck with the problem.

Hi Schoen;

Our Domain Registrar: CRAZY DOMAINS FZ-LLC are requesting for the CSR File.
Our wildcat SSL Security Certificate is pending reactivation and we did payment but crazy domain advised that since our website is hosted somewhere, they wanted us to get in touch with the Certificate issuer to get the CSR file therefore i posted here for assistance. Please advise if this clarifies abit. Thanks

Our website is pointing to Sqaurespace

Hi @Heather,

I’m really not clear on the relationships or goals here.

First, I don’t know what a “wildcat” certificate is. Is it possible that you meant “wildcard” certificate? But Let’s Encrypt doesn’t issue wildcard certificates.

Second, I don’t know which entity you’re paying or why…

  • Domain registrars don’t necessarily need to have any active role in certificate renewal. Most people pay their domain registrars only for domain registration and domain renewal, which is usually paid once per year.

  • To get a certificate, you need to request it from a certificate authority. Some certificate authorities require payment for issuing certificates. Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority but we don’t request or require any payment for the certificates that we issue.

  • Also, Let’s Encrypt has already issued a new certificate for your site, as can be seen at

This process completed successfully yesterday in response to someone’s request (it’s not clear whose). That certificate already exists and just needs to be installed on your site.

  • The process of installing a certificate on a site is the responsibility of the webmaster (if the webmaster administers the web server), or the hosting provider (for shared or managed hosting). Some hosting providers charge a fee to update a certificate or install a new certificate, but I don’t believe that SquareSpace does so. In any case, looking at your site with a web browser, it’s also clear that the new certificate has already been installed there and so this process is complete.

Therefore, I don’t really understand why anyone wants you to pay them now or exactly what anyone needs the CSR for. It looks like the entire certificate renewal and update process has already been completed successfully and everyone seems to have performed all of the necessary steps already.

(CSRs are a part of the underlying technology used by Let’s Encrypt, but the range of cases in which someone needs to use one or share one with someone else is usually pretty narrow. It’s also important to understand that Let’s Encrypt does not have a way to give you the CSR that your software or hosting platform previously used in the course of requesting a certificate. The software or hosting provider may or may not have saved a copy, but in either case Let’s Encrypt can’t give you a copy.)

Noted and thankyou kindly for your response.

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