Request for SSL Certificate details


I have recently changed my domain from to

The SSL certificate is already issued and installed for the domain, with following details:

Common Name =
Subject Alternative Names =
Issuer = Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
Serial Number = 03D525A9F915797E47A167F6B717AA111890
SHA1 Thumbprint = D05299BA6BB39C3866E939FFBCE999E2F9D418E2
Key Length = 2048
Signature algorithm = SHA256 + RSA (excellent)
Secure Renegotiation: Supported

I would request you to cancel and deactivate this SSL Certificate.


The keyword youʼre probably looking for is “revocation”. Itʼs a manual task you have to go through.

But you donʼt need to do this unless the corresponding private key is compromised. Just let the old certificate expire and remove any old certs/keys you have left from your server(s).

They should revoke it if they no longer control the domain, though. (Indeed, it’s required by the subscriber agreement.)

If they do still control the domain, it’s simpler to just let it expire, though.

@chandrakantmk Your client should have a command to revoke the certificate.



Yes, I would like to revoke this certificate. How do I do that for the certificate which is installed on Linux based AWS EC2 Instance? I will require correct SSH command to first list the certificate and then to revoke it?

What client are you using? If you normally use SSH, yes, you should probably SSH in and run something. If you have a control panel, it hopefully has a revoke button.

For example, if using Certbot, you could run "certbot revoke --cert-path /etc/letsencrypt/ --reason cessationofoperation".

Thanks again.

I am using PuTTY. Is there command just to list the currently installed and active certificate details?

It depends on what client you're using. If you're using Certbot, you can use "certbot certificates".

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