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My domain is can you add me to tge ssl certificate list? so my website can go from http to https thanks

Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

Hi @SamuelJ,

I think you’ve misunderstood the point of the thread that you posted in. That thread was a list of hosting providers that automatically (or otherwise conveniently) set up HTTPS for their customers. The hosting providers get added to the list because they’ve previous taken steps on their end to make this happen. Being on that list doesn’t make it happen!

Although we issue certificates, we don’t configure anyone else’s site to use HTTPS. You have to do that yourself by requesting the certificate and installing it on your site. Hopefully you can use a hosting provider that automates this process or makes it convenient for you. If not, you’ll have to install some Let’s Encrypt client software on your server or use another method to request the certificate (or switch hosting providers).

If you tell us more about your web hosting environment, we can give you more information about what you’ll have to do in order to set up HTTPS on your site.


How do I request for a certificate?



If you need more help than that page offers, please describe your hosting environment so that we can further describe your options.


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