Reporting Of Scam WebsiteThat Is Using Your Service As Cover


With Ref to the above subject matter i want to bring to your notice
that this company NXT INVESTMENTS LTD Reg No :(08783087) with his website, Is Scamming investors of their hard earn money and had SCAM me as well of my $300 which was invested with them on the Jun-4-2018 07:11:32 AM for 100% after 90 hours of investment period.

I would want if your Organization can seize their operation so that they can not continue to carry out more scam activities .

Await your prompt update to this matter They are fraudstar company.



As from what I know of, let’s encrypt can’t seaze anyone’s operation… (That should be what FBI or whatever local law enforcement do).

What you could do is, report the domain to Google safe browsing, so if google confirms this, they wouldn’t be able to obtain an certificate from let’s encrypt.

Thank you


@stevenzhu is correct, there’s nothing Let’s Encrypt can, or even should, do about this. There are a number of other organizations with the purpose of handling these sorts of things. If a crime took place, you should work through law enforcement channels. If the site is otherwise malicious, there are a number of places to report it to, including Google Safe Browsing.

Remember, all that a domain-validated certificate (the kind Let’s Encrypt provides) proves is that you are connected to the server in possession of the private key for that certificate. You should never use the existence of a valid certificate to indicate that a site is not a scam, or indeed safe in any way. That’s just not what certificates are for.




They’ve had a cert since 24 Nov 2017, but always from LE–they’ve never had an EV cert from anyone.

And their domain is registered at that time.

P.S. Namecheap registered and hosted this domain, so you could contact them and request to cancel their service.

If you believe that you have been scammed by this company your best bet with them being registered in southern England is to contact action fraud supplying bank statements to show your transaction and proof that they didn’t deliver the services you requested. As Jared said all LE certificates are Domain Validated only. Providing they have not obtained the certificate maliciously then LE would not likely be able to do anything. The image of the EV certificate on there website is not issued by LE the image is fake. The company is a legitimate company registered with Companies House in the UK ( ) Even though its a bitcoin site its registered as a restaurant strangely enough.

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