Renewed date of certificate not showing on browser


I tried renewing the certificate of my domain ( using sudo certbot renew (which I have been using for the last several quarters). The message I receive is “Cert not yet due for renewal” and shows the expiry date as “2018-03-03”.

However, when I click on the lock icon on the browser of my site, it shows the domain expiry as 3rd January 2018.

Will the new certificate get updated on 3rd and not before?



try restarting the web service
if that still shows the wrong date, confirm the actual certificate date with:
certbot certificates

I tried certbot certificates and it shows the date as 2018-03-03 but wonder why the website shows otherwise.

By trying to restart the web service do you mean I should restart my webserver?

Thanks @rg305

Oh yes. Restarting the server now shows the expiry as the new date.

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