Renewal with –SAN and -- centralsslstore


When using the letsencrypt-win-simple client to generate a manual certificate with additional SANs, how does this affect the renewal process when both –SAN and – --centralsslstore was specified during the initial request?

Can both –SAN and –centralsslstore be specified during the —renewal call as well? Or would we have to create new certificates with the same requests?

@LoneCoder, maybe you can help with this question?

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You can indeed use --renew to renew your certificates. However, you do not need to specify either of those arguments with --renew for them to be remembered, because renewal settings are stored in the Registry upon issuance.

That being said, letsencrypt-win-simple usually creates a Task Scheduler entry to do this automatically. You would only need to call it manually if you specifically disabled it.

For more information, refer to this page in their wiki:

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