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My domain is: and i’m having expired certificate message every time I run O365 outlook " The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid"
Certificate expired on 1/07/2017
how to remove my domain out of Let’s Encrypt

The cert actually expired on June 30, 2017
But 1/7/2017 now makes sense as that can be read as July 1, 2017 (the day after June 30th)

But to answer your question:

The simple answer is stop using HTTPS on that site.
The answer to the obvious next question: "How do I stop using HTTPS on my site?"
Depends on what web service is running the HTTPS and how you installed the original certificate.
If you know that, you probably would have just renewed the cert and kept a free secure (email) site.
So I will presume you don't know how it was installed and you don't know anything about how the site operates.
If so, then you will need to find someone who is an admin of, or can, admin that system.
And have them either update the cert and setup a job to automatically renew it (preferred solution to the problem).
Or have them remove HTTPS from the site altogether.
Or option "C", you can continue paying for certs and their related costs like with the one on the service login site:

I understand that you may be frustrated and you're not getting to the solution you seek.
But in all fairness you haven't really given this process it's fair shake.
The process is designed to be simple and automated.
If you're having trouble with either of those, that is why we are here.
We are here to help you build a better and safer Internet - not tear it down.

Oddly enough: is safe and secured.

Depends on how you installed the certificate in the first place.

But wouldn't you rather renew your certificate? So you can keep using secure e-mail?

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