Relaxed checks on renewal and only - with config file

Currently, there’s an option allow-subset-of-names to skip failed domains (gone to other host), but if it is set in a config file it applies all the time. This is inconvenient during the creation of new certificates. One has to check that he got all he needed.

Is there a way to keep it enabled for renewals only, while not adding it on the command line? (E.g. Debian package do not include it in the cron file.)

(I haven’t yet invested time to make a PR for something like renew-subset-of-names since I’m not sure if Certbot developers would think good about that.)

Hi @sanmal, I don’t believe there’s a way to specify this only for renew but not when obtaining a certificate in another way. You could file a Certbot issue or a PR to propose a way to draw this distinction, and it could be added to a future version of Certbot.

I doubt that the developers would object to having this feature, though there might be some discussion about what the best way to implement it would be.

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