Registration key is already in use?


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My domain is:

i tryed to register a ssl for this domain, and i get that " Registration key is already in use "
so i cant continue settin up the ssl …

any ides?


What is the command you ran?


i used the wp encrypt plugin


Or is there a limit for time to create?


Can you provide more detail? Is this on shared hosting, or are you running your own wordpress instance? Have you gotten certificates from Let’s Encrypt before?


yes i have gotten 2 other certs for my 2 other domains on the same server about a few days ago and earlier today, went thru the same steps as i tried with, but like i wrote early i got the reply when i tried to sign up for that cert “Registration key is already in use”

i looked on the limit page and what i understood i didn’t exceed the limit with those 3 sites
or was i misstaken?


Looks like a bug in the WP encrypt plugin you’re using. That error message comes from the Boulder function NewRegistration, which function is explained as: “// NewRegistration is used by clients to submit a new registration/account”.

In the block of the error message, the error message comes with a Location header, as far as I can see pointing to the registration key in question.

So if your LE plugin already has the registration key, it just should use it in stead of trying to register it again.

Error with wp encrypt(wp plugin) - site already registered

only other keys i got are from the other 2 sites i manage to setup with the ssl

and those came from the same wp encrypt plugin


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