Redirection loop okurs after certbot-auto


my setup:
LAMP server on Ubuntu 18.4
Serving Nextcloud 13
Dynamic DNS provider with
After certbot-auto install


chmod a+x certbot-auto

sudo ./path/to/certbot-auto --apache

successful install and after installation I’ve some kind of redirection loop that redirects me to weird link
have no clue whats wrong…
any ideas?
Thank you.


The redirect is in either the NextCloud config.php file or in the Apache config file for that site.
find / -name config.php
ls - l /etc/apache/sites-enabled/


So I have tried another couple times and have no luck… I moved from to and all works just fine… Only problem is that is on my home ISP with problem that IP could change in near future, so have to re-link it…


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