Recent updates for the pure bash Letsencrypt client


Hi, is a pure bash script letsencrypt client.

Our goal is Simple And Powerful. 3 minutes learn to use.

We are coming to version 1.2.0.

I’d like to share you guys some important recent updates:

  1. We now have a test project
    We also configured a CI server, each time we make any new changes, we update the CI Status.

Currently, we run our test cases on more than 20 platforms(OSs) via docker, Which makes it cover most of the major OSs.

That also makes our code more reliable and stable.

Also you can easily run our test project on any of your platform (with or without docker).

  1. We support the latest ECDSA cert.

  2. For the automatic DNS API integration, we support AWS Route 53 for now.

  3. We support wget, in cases that curl is not installed.

  4. We generate fullchain.cer now, as requested by many users.

  5. fix some other minor issues.

Next major plan to do: we plain to support GNUTLS, when openssl is not available.

Any feedbacks or requirements are welcomed.

Please create issues on github.