Pure bash shell script for Let's Encrypt client

Just one script, to issue, renew your certificates automatically.

Probably the smallest&easiest&smartest shell script to automatically issue&renew the free certificates from LetsEncrypt.

Pure written in bash, no dependencies to python , acme-tiny or LetsEncrypt official client

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woah a language I can understand and would fit right into my LEMP stack integration http://centminmod.com/letsencrypt-freessl.html

will check it out

cheers @Neilpang

No chmod, no umask. Do you create all secrets world-readable?

Apart from that, less dependencies is always better. I couldn’t see any hard reason to be bash-specific, so a reduction to POSIX /bin/sh would be even better, because then you catch all the BSDs as well, although they’d still need curl from packages/ports/pkgsrc.

Post this here: List of Client Implementations


It may require different mod or umask on different servers. For example, some may require user “www”, while some other may require the user itself.

It’s not possible to do that in a unique way. So, leave it to the end user.

Looking forward to seeing it.


Is there any limitation? I could not find a “Reply” button on that post.