New Name, New Home, is renamed to


Hi guys, is renamed to, which is more suitable.

Yes, it’s an acme protocol pure shell implementation. is a smart, powerful , easy-to-use letsencrypt client, which is able to run on tens of Linux distributions , Unix BSD distributions, and even on Windows(cygwin) and Windows 10 Linux subsystem.

For more info, please check our github:


thanks for the heads up @Neilpang


Thank you for your work. I am using on a debian 8.4 stable server, the dependencies for installing the letsencrypt package from backports are broken, so your script is a nicer and lighter way of using LE.


Hi @Neilpang, I installed via curl and it’s working very well.

 curl | sh

What is the recommended way to upgrade it? another curl?


yes . just re- install is ok .


Hi @Neilpang, thanks so much for

I have used it to just issue a cert (nginx).

Everything is working great on desktop and iOS, however, Android Chrome cert is untrusted. The solution as per this topic (On Android 6.0.1 the Certificate is untrusted) is to also serve the fullchain.pem in nginx conf.

I am wondering how to get the fullchain.pem using It seems to have only generated the .csr and .key files.


You should have a fullchain.cer file in the domain dir