Rate Limits with serverfarms


we and others encounter the following problem:

we want to renew certs that are made for serverfarms where each server has it’s unique set of subdomainnames like this :

a1.domain.de www.a1.domain.de subdomain.a1.domain.de

registering them in the beginning was no big deal, but renewing them now, seems to be impossible due to ratelimits.

“type”: “urn:acme:error:rateLimited”,
“detail”: “Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for: MASTER-SERVER-DOMAINNAME”,
“status”: 429

Any ideas how to circumvent this problem?

The subdomains for the servers are needed to distinguise the services for that server like webmail, interface, dns, phpmyadmin etc etc. all sudomains are run on that server, so making one
big dcert with ALL subdomains is not gonna work, right ?

AFAIK, the challengecodes have to be on the systems itself, right ?

Any other options?

renewals shouldn’t be subject to the same ratelimits ( as long as you are renewing exactly the same certificate)

Are you happy to provide your top level domain, so we can check what certs have been issued etc.

Sorry for the delay.

Can we flag this conversation privat ?

You can send private messages, but not set the existing conversation private ( although everything stated so far is generic, rather than specific to you, so I assume that’s not a problem )

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