Rate limited and not sure why

I’m trying to setup a CI environment with helm and kubernetes, and I am using kubernetes-lego to automatically fetch certificates for my testing subdomains. Based on my crt.sh search, I’m not understanding why I’m hitting the limit, could someone please explain? https://crt.sh/?Identity=%healthloop.space


The error message you get while being rate limited typically contains more detailed information on the specific limit you hit. For example, there are rate limits that apply to IP addresses or pending authorizations per account. Could you provide that message?

I don’t have it handy right now, but it says too many certs have been registered for the domain. Looking at the guidelines, it seems like I’ve either been cut off too early or too late, which is confusing.

That looks right, there are 21 certs over 7 days + a few hours. You might be miscounting them as the 3 certs for 3 names and 1 for 4 appear in that list 3 or 4 times respectively. Also don’t forget that 7 days means a sliding window of 168 hours and there can be a slight delay cert issuance and crt.sh finding it in the logs.

Sounds legit. I checked several hours ago, and crt.sh was only showing 18 certificates; the last 3 had already been issued, but weren’t displayed yet.

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