Rate limit for subdomains

Hi all,

i have a question about the rate limits that i cant find out.

We have a cms that uses a lot of domains and subdomain.
Every customer gets a subdomein so they can visit there website while building the site.
After the domein has been moved the site goes live and a SSL certificate will be requested.
We use the directadmin plugin to get a Lets Encrypt certificates.

Directadmin combines the request of the certificate to one certificate. The request will host domain.com, www.domain.com and domain-com.application.com. My question is will the rate limit for the application.com domain still count when it is part of the domain.com certificate?

Yes, it will. The rate limit is applied (separately) for each domain that appears on the certificate. So the example you gave would count as 1 towards the domain.com limit and 1 towards the application.com limit.

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